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reese playing out in real life. on larry king now to meet one of the biggest names in m.m.a. quinn did rampages jackson you know i mean it was built on two guys getting in a k.z. locked in a cage and seeing who the toughest guy was it hard them to leave u.f.c. you know was it is very easy for me to leave us the very either that i was there and i would have treated me i love the movies on her you know her friends fight me and i'll send her to get today's kid will you know the movie yes thelma and do a little and plus i don't know what makes those i think is this character a group to show you a kid when you see them out of doing it you know you get the biggest part on that we're that's all next on larry king now.
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welcome to larry king our special guests this clinton rampage jackson the former pride and you have seen a light heavyweight champion also an all verbs role is sergeant be a barack as in the film of the adaptation of the a team he joined delatour this past june and was supposed to fight tito ortiz this saturday november second on pay per view until tito had a pull out of the fight due to injury so what's next they're looking for a form for me and i think they want to find someone as want to make the fight exciting life and i like to stand in maine and what they go for the gusto so they can see the paper view and they're just going to show it on a regular with the right. well you're very close friends with tito right now we've been sort of for years we've been training with each other we've been the same how do the fractures next i don't know tito i don't know the pros wrestling is what i heard it was wrestling but you know he had a real big hit so that so that niggas probably a lot of stress
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a lot. you think you do m.m.a. why then that's crazy it's tough i know this is like my calling you know says i you born a fighter just to me and i like the sport is that it's what you didn't want to be like regular boxing where i grew up you know and and i wanted to be a box i was a big fan of my ties and stuff like that but where i grew up there was no box and him saying anything like that and i started wrestling because i wanted to be a pro wrestler and then he did one thing is related to another do it anyway so one fell into the other as we were just allowed to progress so yeah i do a little bit and the rest of what t.n.a. now did i signed with. belittle or de with that comes on i do t.n.a. sometimes will why why would you know that wrestling skynet not for me but it's good that. entertainment is going to be a great athlete to do it is really fun like i'm still a big kid and you get to be
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a big t.v. duper wrestler. you will go to fight world jones is that right yeah this was a fight was only before that up until that tito signed with the organization i think they put it on backburner and i still may find him coming up here. who would be the obvious next match for you in m.m.a. these next match you have someone you want to fight was now really not jobless not fighting about it is one of five people who want to kind of fight in him a has changed so much that people just go to the k.'s a gimmick a this one when they just want to you know drop the fight just so they get to know him and i was bill don't get in a k.z. like in the cage and see who's the toughest guy and now he just is crazy af least i just want to get down his lead and he lay down and keep me from fighting and it's just not the same i don't want five you don't want to fight what kind of athlete is best suited to m.m.a. the fight or the wrestler the rest is the strongest better suited to that better
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suited because you can try to fight a bit better if you as a wrestler i'm a wrestler but i like knockin people around so this is a bit of a move rest of they can take him down just hold me down for a fight you said when you side with the lotto you have felt like you were reborn what do you mean well you know a lot of people don't notice but when you when you fight or your first fight is with the promoter. you know that is the promoter the promoter job is to get as much money to him. do you fight for this money as possible and when i when i sound but it'll be alright mate he just gets the same that he used to be a fighter he understood everything we didn't argue about nothing at all we was on the same he's all yeah we were because we were good that he didn't you know he didn't feed me a bunch of b.s. you know he was the japanese you before planet planet same thing with tito same thing to done a swag john but it's all because of the way they treat the fighters a lot of a lot of fight fans understand it all why you leave the this while there is
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a cynical to belittle or they would never understand how you got to walk to work them out understand you got to do it it's all about people respect and you want to be respected and you want to go feel like you appreciated. you make a lot of money on the way you can i do pretty well in my career but same time i think you know i wish we made it as much as the top boxers but you know top m.m.a. fighters we make one want to do the regular boxes but so on and one percent of boxes and we're making money anyway so it's vegas the big for m.m.a. vegas is a big town it was a it was an odd then to leave u.f.c. was it was very easy for me to leave you see very easy to just and i would have treated me simple as that is bella torre knew the game but it was noted in the u.f.c. yes he's been away around a lot longer now your thunder the bell it's only get this right you includes a multi a partnership was spike t.v. the bell jar and i made t.n.a.
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wrestling and other ads and so you can do a lot of things you know they gave me a reality show already that comes on on thursday it's called hashtag rampage for real and it comes all right the t.n.a. wrestling on thursdays and they they like that and they let me do movies and stuff like that. you have to get upset with me when i did eighteen they didn't like that why it's good promotion i don't know they didn't want me to do the move. the fight was a fight but you know i always wanted to play the role of be a brock is and i took the movie over if i understand and get upset about that but then i kind of told my little bit be goofy you know down the long run you know you open up to a whole new audience and then i could see what happens on the reality show you're out of shows right now is about me getting ready for my fight with tito is about that because you know i have had a couple injuries myself and it's shown me getting back together i can be a revenue from those when he actually sent me to get treatment on my knees and i fix my knees and he shows me coming back from there and get back on top you had
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tito been sparring partners for a long time this will be you when they eventually happen it will be your first fight against e.j. right we're going to first fight he said how would it have gone do you think i would have smashed tito beyond it. because i always had to go trample his flies so i could never be one hundred percent of who i want to be i always had to pretend to be his opponent you were the helping him i was that than him i think i was smashed you know i don't think you could take me down my punching is a lot better harder and faster than him and i'm younger. so all of you are now with mark on welcome back i'm here with pointed to a rant page jackson so great to welcome you to the pillow talk family. story. wrestling we know you want to get on your next movie how are you feeling mentally and physically happened to be back here on spike t.v. i'm trying to. i'm back motivate i found my love. now with reputable
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company that knows how to treat the fight. go bad with rampage jackson who knew who came up with the main ram your cousin tyrone came up with a name when i was like eight years old i used to play the video game rampage but at the same time you know my cousin used to make fun of me because he says my temporary sipe of in of late and he thought it was amusing and you know they you know i kid so they used to just pick on me all the time and see me have been really lose my temper and in i would trash the house and you know punch holes in the wall of you control and now i'm a lot better at it now on and on some of my temper now is one spar for some reason having to get that i haven't got that i control when i fight i was much improved but want to spar and train and i lose my temper so i'm really their relationship with dana why do start off good yeah. actually if you if you're in good would it really should start off really really cool. and then i went sour and was sour when
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i did the movie. i can honestly say that i messed up i was able to fight a fight and i took the movie to eighteen movie came like years before it actually starts and just came it just came at a bad time and i've i stop i've turned down movie roles before to take fights but the eighteen i just confessed of youth and of mr t. is a friend in the city if you want to do more movies i love the movies on her as if i did you know then he has a good days kate and you know the movie with us come into our lives really do you want to go have a cool botching can't be forever right you know running to get the age right it's almost all of us you want to full time career and to tame it like entertain people i like making people laugh and stuff like that you know i like i like making people you know and i you know i like salmon people i like being a people like punching pupil it i like making people laugh is more positive make people laugh you know why do you enjoy hitting people i don't know is is something
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i feel like i'm an alpha you know sand of the human race i feel like fight is likely to absolutely human race and you know lustrous and life is a very good you go and beat ups and i go to the gym go i'm on spawn and i want to go and you know we're good friends and we beat each other up and but we're not a little bit mad at each other what was it like to get hit i mean i don't i don't mind getting hit for some strange reason because i know i'm a fighter i got to hit sometime so it don't you don't you know read about me but sometimes it is it is kind of crazy when you know you know you know this guy's going to try to knock you out is kind of crazy but it's a big rush become tribesman. well at least that's. the only arena that you know you know i think you know what what what is this thing with you and how cold it. was a big fan i'll quote i'm going to say i want to be a pro wrestler and i was it yeah i met him and i met him because he's there at t.n.a. and. and what made
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a hoax makes all the special i don't know what makes the hoax was i think is this character the way he the way he captures the crowd when when he wanted to talk to he that you know he was just a man and the way he just the way he's energy is i think that he rips his shirt off when you're a kid when you see him out of doing it you know you know look at the dogs that were you know that you know it kind of you know it's a detail right knows at the time you know that i don't want to hurt him there we don't want to hurt each other you can get like they're like when you watch a action movie you can look at and say oh this is not real you know it's action movie is the same thing but i respect the progresses more than the actors because the actors get stuntmen those present they don't as of themselves and they get hurt you get her to get hurt you have to because you could fake so many things you did you get enough slams that a floor you must get the car should be no one has even run into that rope herds all is that everything they do kind of hurts in philly and so people think is fake is not fake is not fake they just they just know the outcome of the match but this of
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hers they get hit they get. you have to really respect those guys there was a bit of this thing about m.m.a. the toughest thing i would say about m.m.a. is me in certain way clay is he going to make the weight i think it's really tough to go up the way to down the aisle in a way you know lose weight in the weight some people some people could thirty pounds in two days in one day twenty pounds one the most i would get was twenty two pounds in one day this heart one day one day i was you really want to know. i do i blow myself you what i boil myself you boil. yeah you see there's a really hot water and you boy you said this without the get out the chrome plastics and you land a bit and you sweat it all out it's all water weight but basically i get the hot water as hot as i can get it put a bus make you weaker you flip it time in two years but you're going for i was to
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rejuvenate when they weigh in you got twenty four oh you've got to weigh different is the way i do it as easy as well after i've been doing it for years even when i found those the worst injury is that the worst the worst injury out of my miniscule before before one of my fights a month before when my fights out to a moment and so that's in question not have had a concussion rampage will tell us about japan that will play a game of no he will follow when we get back. i'm. a. big. mind to. do. all that. much and i think that's probably just like a lot but it's. just what.
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sublunary they come up very hard to get a letter get along here a plug that never had sex with her make their lives let's call it was. just say. listen the m let's listen to. the.
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i think. voters like joe did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our craft semi-colons we've been hijacked like handful of friends dash and the corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once built my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america to find ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture.
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we're back with quick rampage's jackson let me tell you about your pick and you started out of that come about. the star of japan's call sakuraba is the sakuraba so hard to say his name he needed from as many replacement then they wanted so much tough and so on adorable and they they like my style you know. i had a chain and i was friends with one of the guys that knew people and i thought that many big terms japanese fighters not a whole lot of big the better the best and he's for the small small ones so to do flight i felt this was a sakharov leaves a star japan and they took me there and i put on a good fight would be when he won and he was. and did you like japan i loved it
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half and lho would instantly really the best people in the world mountainy their nicest people in the world is m.m.a. different their enemy is way different to japanese fans they cannot understand the sport they were respectful and america is kind of a totally different japan you fight and they will be quiet while you fight just so you can hear your corner man and him we do something spectacular in a cheer and i go back quiet just so you can hear instructions for your corner if you go back yeah go all the time actually my ex-wife is japanese american married and had two kids were so when i go back all the time they go for the summer and everything and the kids here all day here when they go to japan all the time you speak japanese just a little bit unknown to us not to flirt. or the biggest cultural what was the hardest thing to get used to the hard thing he used to do in japan. hard as ever be funny or crude situations i got a lot of fun one who thought i would give me one ok. i guess the most operate thing
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and in japan it's like on when i say i got a coke weighed in on day and they're do it in jacuzzi and stuff like that there you have to be naked and they get mad if you have clothes on you know me or my culture so we don't go and the barest is embarrassing and the very day they want you take your clothes off and they have women working. in the energy cruisers on i'm in there and you would know i wasn't nude and is that is really me and this seems like really like trying to get me to take my clothes off and so it is kind of offensive and so everybody is in are naked and she's waiting and she's in there why i see an interview those three minutes all later work and she's going to finally take them off and homeless she was she was trying to get me to technicals and she kind of got a little forceful and it was kind of weird a lot of guys i know rampage would have taken my clothes anyway she was like forty some years or think i was scared of i would. i says the fight in the cage has been
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cancelled this is the match for bragging rights between yourself and tito when he was on the show we quizzed him on how well he willie knows you and he got two out of five right we asked him five questions he got two right now it's your turn to get three questions right and you know you will be the champion of no you'll fall twenty it was here i asked him some personal questions i have his answers right here and if you didn't answer right you'll hear the following play buzz if it's right. if you get an answer wrong you will hear this. ok this is the question how well you know tito you know the style of dance tito would perform on dancing with the stars the style of the you know what dance would he choose. he i don't know many proud shoes he probably was whose thoughts are correct. he do those closest friend in
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m.m.a. his closest friend and him may say don't got no friends i'm his only friend that's right. wow one more and you win tom brady or peyton manning. peyton manning. right again he's already won already i'll give you the last two anyway what is t. joe's most embarrassing training story his most embarrassing train so other than a time when his balls fell i want you trying with me take right again. well if you get this you will as you got for you out of champ what's tito's favorite sport outside of m.m.a. in wrestling as i mean the rest of his day that's what. i would noted by. probably football it was hockey. and his answer was that his favorite teams the
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anaheim ducks so you'll win. no you all fold contest you got the credit you have and therefore if the fight never comes off you will have been known as the winner yeah pretty though much preferred is right but why would you said you would beat him i just think i would i just think i would beat the lights are five minutes long right there around three am i mean around three five do most of them go the distance a lot of time they do in the me anything can happen but i was thinking i was i would not teeter on the first round so it's going to show me think oh yeah i think he i mean do you really get a first round i'm just too aggressive i'm like i'm really hungry right now so when you were training and us helping him for his fights you could beat them right there you don't want to be them you want to you know be a help i'm going to help you but you know you could beat i know i could beat him we have some social media questions for you at age w.
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gore tweets to you agree with mam m.m.a. fighter josh barnett that there are more athletes in m.m.a. today than fighters i would have to agree with just running. but at least to me he means i people who don't don't go to fight is want to come to you know just bored a crowd a part of really good at rest and probably really good at it soon and these are more out letting what i thought is not right real fighters clint burn on facebook if you could by any living or dead person in their private who would you want to fight and live in a dead person in a prime it would you know what i would have to say show gone i always wanted to rematch so long because i fought him when i was hurt and if so i can fight hold on to his prime i was in my prime to be a fun one when you're forty. i was and you want to follow me and i just know i can beat him he's or he was really tough other a lot of decisions that i disputed yeah this happens and i lost my built that way but they never disputed but it's like that jay said six wants to know toughest guy
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for the toughest guy. i would have to say had to invent only civil he's really a tough man at qana mcnulty twelve s what is was it hard fighting injury and having dana white criticize your performance is really hard when you do that because you know so you put your life on the line and you put your heart and so i don't want to pull out of the fight because i was fighting japan in august i love to play and you think you know something good for the organization then the promoter criticize me is really hard is the reason why i left the u.f.c. . at wrong to change tweets despite loving the fight there are moments of regret or doubt yeah a lot of times you know right before my fight i think to myself i have won my doing this but it's not so much i'm scared i'm going to beat up the right there's a lot of times i you know the fans can be kind overbearing like if you lose a fight don't you forget it is weird and lastly mark will know wants to know do you
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still have a beef with russia shot evans mirrors are our coup we you know saying we don't we're not bloody but it was i think the beef with you know stuff it was the beef about we shot he just very disrespectful and you know i don't play that you know and so he just gets in your face and and he think he can say whatever you want to say and i'm not that type person about it you know we play a game if you only knew just questions off the top remember the first girl you kissed. was a name april. five. where was it was. school the. back of a closet you know right in front of the teachers did see can see nothing. you know or have no would have been a pro do you know knew her from right what was your first nickname or first nickname was not in you t t. who would win the fight be a barack is or read page jackson thing rampage are going to be
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a friday of love divine love face the far will of the five faith i would like to buy the face on john jones in his will he's a champion right now my weekly is and you see all of the for him rule you'd love to portray on screen i like to play luke cage another fighter that would be a good actor i suppose it's often probably just you. as a mother why can't they go macho man randy savage or andre the giant. macho man hardest hit or in the m.m.a. hard is it in him any rampage jackson quick is fighter in the cookies fight or in. ice and in the papers he's really quick best submission fighter and then this in this a miss. i thing the gear is what is submission fighters want to do it like it is our car brazilian jiu-jitsu an a because the mistake you make you tap out by
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manipulating your joints like binney on backwards is the surrender user in the nigger was really good at that run the rosie o. mishit tate i guess are to go around or would you rather run five miles or do two hundred pushups run five miles kickboxing mood or wrestling. i'm a wrestler but i have to choose which i kickboxing he man or g.i. joe he mean if stranded on a desert island what three things would you take with you a woman some water and some food and do you have a hidden talent we don't know about i got a hit and that is the only one. i guess. i guess the most strange is when i can on command in time of war. we want to thank my guests clinton landladies jackson be on the lookout for his
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fellow door debut coming soon i'd rather you can find me at kings things on twitter . wealthy british style. tight tight.
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market. it's scandalous find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds or reports . claim.
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in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. i know c.n.n. the m.s.m. b.c. fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close in for the truth from the right think. it's because one full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teenagers we have a different brain. ok because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not here.


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